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loft conversions manchester Need more space? Don't move out - move up! with Pinnacle Loft Conversions Manchester

Pinnacle Loft Conversions Manchester take a great deal of pride and effort in each and every loft conversion that we carry out throughout Manchester and the Greater Manchester area. With over twenty years of loft conversion experience we produce amazing loft conversions that are finished to the highest possible standard and which cause the minimum possible disruption to the everyday living of our customers. We have built up an enviable and vast client base throughout Manchester - in most cases we have taken the time to take photographs and to seek references and testimonials to our work. If you require loft conversion examples from Manchester based home owners please ask.

Loft Conversions Manchester - great advice, seemless construction, beautiful finish

20 years of loft conversion industry experience has given us the skill set and expertise to take the largest empty space in your home and convert it into a wonderful space in which to enjoy your time. Loft conversions are a great way to creat useable space and to improve the value of your property. Converting your loft can change the entire dynamic of your home - ask us about energy saving ideas, modern lighting technology, and practical design layout.

An extensive portfolio of loft conversions throughout Manchester and Greater Manchester

Why not take the time to look at some of the loft extension work we have carried out on our gallery page. There are some great images of Manchester based properties for which we have undertaken loft conversions including all associated skills such as loft plastering, loft joinery, roofing, electrical work and plumbing & heating services. Manchester is home to so fantastic properties which are really brought to life with a contemporary loft conversion. Contact Pinnacle Loft Conversions Manchester today for, at the very least, some great advice.

Move Up! with Pinnacle Loft Conversions in Manchester

Selling a property in Manchester is quite a challenge in todays market. Why not consider adding value and increasing the stunning living space of your existing property with a loft conversion by Pinnacle loft conversions.

About Manchester

Manchester is located in the Northwest of England and has a population of over 440,000 people and in the Greater Metropolitan Area of over more than 2 million people. It is music central, an innovative city producing all types of music. An exciting place to hear and make music. It has the UK’s most used international airport outside of London with many of transatlantic connections.

Manchester has an amazing array of shops, boutiques and salons covering is vast City centre. The University populates over 50,000 students and has a fantastic nightlife, full of bars and clubs. Probably the most popular fact about Manchester is that it is home to the world famous Manchester United FC.

Are you considering moving home to give yourself more living space? Moving home is both stressful and expensive. Costs include such things as estate agent fees, stamp duty, solicitors fees and removal costs. You also have the stress and hassle that goes hand in hand with moving home. Why not take a minute, stop and think about turning that unused loft space into extra living space with a loft conversion?

In Manchester and all the surrounding areas, having your loft converted is an exciting process. However, your loft conversion must meet building regulations and may in some circumstances require planning permission. The good news is that adding the extra room by having a loft conversion to your house could increase the value of your property and in the long run save you money and stress.

With all the different types of property throughout Manchester and its surrounding areas, there are a few different ways to have your loft conversion:

Roof Light Loft Conversion

Here we convert your existing loft space without making changing to the existing shape of your property and then by adding a Velux window will create more natural light and ventilation.


A Dormer loft conversion is an extension to your existing roof which will give you more headroom and more loft space. They can be placed on the rear, front or side of the property. Velux windows can be placed on the front of the roof creating more natural light and ventilation.


This will achieve the maximum loft space for the loft conversion. The loft conversion goes right up to the apex of the roof space. Velux windows can also be inserted into the Mansard creating more natural light and ventilation.

Hip to Gable

Here this extends your existing hip ended roof into a gable ended roof and gives you more headroom and more loft space.

There are a number of ways that a loft can be converted. Unfortunately however, not all loft conversions can be classified as habitable unless they are constructed to comply with current Building Regulations.
A habitable loft conversion must have the following:

  • Plans approved by Building Control.
  • Work inspected and passed by building control.
  • A fixed staircase.
  • Minimum height restrictions for staircase.
  • Insulation with the correct U-Values.
  • A new lobby and fire door to the entrance of the loft conversion.
  • Electrical certificates.
  • Smoke detectors.
  • Final certification from building control.

Unfortunately failure to comply with the above could have some implications to your loft conversion:

  • Invalid building & fire insurance.
  • The loft conversion will not be classified as an additional room but just a tidy loft storage area with no real value and in most cases the build cost will not be recovered.
  • Problems with selling your house in the future as your loft storage area will be seen as a non safe structure.
  • Putting your family at risk.

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"Pinnacle finished our conversion on time and kept us informed at all stages of the build. Having had a previous bad experience with a builder it was a refreshing change and I would have no hesitation in recommending them."

Mrs Worth

"After Pinnacle had finished our conversion we invited my sister and her husband over to stay for the weekend. My brother-in-law happens to be a building inspector and said our loft conversion was the best he had ever seen!"

Mr & Mrs Nadin

"The loft conversion Pinnacle carried out for us was so well done, after seeing the new bedroom, our next door neighbour is having her loft converted by Pinnacle."

Mrs Storey

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20 years experience in customer focus

Minimum disruption during conversions with work guaranteed to the highest standard. Customer satisfaction is our priority. We are specialists in loft conversions with over 20 years experience and have an extensive client lst.